Now that’s a delicacy befitting of fine eateries like The French Laundry.
— Nancy R., Silicon Valley, California
It’s a great food to put out at parties pairing with wine, cheese, or beer - it’s a relatively new food concept to most people making it fun for guests to try and a good conversation starter.
— Marcie A., Newbury Park, CA
Good King has changed the landscape of chocolate in the most wonderful way. The texture is of a nut that has a hint of sweetness coupled with spices.
— Karen N., Menlo Park, CA
Every time I think I have settled on my favorite flavor, I taste another one and think, “hmmm... maybe this one is actually my favorite.
— Erin M., Seattle, WA
I prefer the cocoa beans to chocolate or coffee when I need some extra energy because they have so many more healthy ingredients.
— Carissa D., Ann Arbor, MI