Peeled Cacao Beans



Tasting Note: nutty, roasted coffee, deep dark chocolate, mild tropical fruit notes (banana, pineapple, mango depending on fermentation lot).

Product: Organic Cacao Beans - peeled (i.e. without shells), whole + pieces, unroasted, unflavored.

Uses: Home chocolate making, chocolate chip replacement, baking, mochas & drinking chocolate.

Warning: Cocoa Beans MUST BE Cooked at Prescribed Times & Temperatures Prior to Serving. Please see additional info.

Cacao Origin: Coagricsal Co-op, Honduras
Cacao Certifications: USDA Organic, Fair Trade Int'l
Cacao Transparency: Direct Trade, Single Origin, 100% traceable, Empowering Women

Please contact us for wholesale quantities and pricing. 

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