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3-PACK (120g, 4 servings x3)

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Tasting Note: Similar to a wine or beer flight, explore the spectrum of cacao's flavor versatility from elegantly chocolatey to boldly fruity with by creating your own variety pack.

Product: whole, peeled, roasted cacao beans lightly caramelized in five decadent flavors to choose from:

  1. Harmony 80%: Lightly Sweet & Salty
  2. Harmony 65%: Sweeter and Saltier
  3. Love 80%: Cinnamon & Spices
  4. Love Blend Trail Mix: including Almonds, Dried Cherries & Blueberries
  5. Strength 80%: Spicy & Citrusy (Out of Stock)
  6. Joy 80%: Mint & Rosemary

To Customize Your Mix: Please list your preferences in the Order Note in your shopping cart. If left blank, we'll send one Harmony 80%, Harmony 65% and Love 80%. 

Cacao Origin (Harmony, Love & Joy): Coagricsal Co-op, Honduras
Cacao Certifications: USDA Organic, Fair Trade Int'l
Cacao Transparency: Direct Trade, Single Origin, 100% traceable, Empowering Women

Cacao Origin (Strength): Koptan Masagena, Indonesia
Cacao Certifications: Rainforest Alliance
Cacao Transparency: Direct Trade, Single Origin, 100% traceable, Empowering Women

Ingredients: Please see individual flavors for detailed descriptions. All of our products contain cacao beans, organic cane sugar and salt. Some are also flavored with essential oils and organic herbs & spices. 

Allergens: Naturally free from the Top 10 Most Common Food Allergens. Made in a shared facility with Gluten & Tree Nuts.

Compatible Diets: Mediterranean Diet, Flexitarian Diet, MIND Diet, DASH Diet. Weight Watchers Smart Points = 5 per serving (except Harmony 65% = 6).

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