• A crunchy and savory, very lightly sweetened gourmet snack made from a cacao bean.

  • This is what chocolate is made from. The cacao bean is actually the seed of the fruit of the cacao pod. Each cacao pod weighs about one pound and contains between 30-50 cacao seeds. The cacao pods grow on main branches of cacao trees.

  • Perhaps the most familiar analogy for Americans is the difference between whole, shelled peanuts and peanut butter. Our snacking cacao is the whole, roasted cacao bean, lightly caramelized with organic cane sugar, pure herbs and spices to draw out its natural flavors and complexities. Whereas chocolate is typically sweet and smooth because the cacao beans are ground down into a smooth paste and combined with sugar (and sometimes additional fats), our snacking cacao is savory, crunchy (similar texture to an almond), and minimally processed so you can enjoy it in a form closer to the way it appears in nature.

  • Unlike fine chocolate which we are told to allow to melt in our mouths, snacking cacao won’t melt. So, chew the bean to unlock the flavor, then slow down to savor the complexities.

  • Most people serve snacking cacao for the same occasions they would serve a square of fine chocolate. However, the crunchy and savory nature of cacao makes it quite versatile. It not only pairs extremely well with with cheese, charcuterie or salads, but also with sweeter foods like dried fruits and nuts, desserts and cocktails. See our RECIPES page for ideas.

  • Recently, California residents will notice that our product contains a California Proposition 65 Warning for the presence of Cadmium. We’ve read through hundreds of pages of research and peer reviewed articles and tried to translate them as simply as possible HERE so you can make an informed choice for your health.