In 2018, Sales nearly doubled vs. 2017 (albeit off a still *tiny* base) via online sales and expanding to 18 outlets in Seattle and across the USA. Our focus was twofold:

  • Strengthen partnerships with existing cacao supply partners prior to expanding to new origins.

  • Launch “snack mixes” to appeal to broaden appeal to healthy snackers and increase future impact by partnering directly with fruit and nut growers / artisans.

We’re thankful for national recognition:

Our efforts continue to require significant investment for seemingly limited impact to date. The more we develop, the more we realize how many [more] changes are required to create the desired impact at both the growing community AND consumer level. Anecdotal evidence indicates we ARE making a difference (especially in our partner grower community in Honduras). For this reason, we persevere in faith, trusting God will guide our efforts toward life-giving outcomes as only He is able to do!

  • Thoughtful Snacking to restore life – from grower communities to you.



  • Partnered with five domestic farm families in Oregon, California and Montana who grow and process their own dried fruits & nuts.

  • Partnered with 1 cacao farmer co-op : Coagricsal in La Entrada de Copán, Honduras, while continuing to sell cacao from Koptan Masagena in Masamba, Sulawesi, Indonesia (they did not process in 2018).

  • Worked with a total of 9 cacao farming community families and 15 cacao shelling / food processing workers. This reach was significantly smaller than 2017, but total cacao processing in origin increased.

While this decline in cacao “reach” is disappointing, we’re learning what’s working:

  • Processing speeds were 35% faster than 2017. This means more profitability per worker.

  • Quality (broken beans, remaining shells, waste) was improved by 21% vs. 2017.

  • The teamwork is beautiful. The women have cross-trained and grown in responsibility.

And what’s not working:

  • Local licensing lapses prevented two of our cacao co-op partners from processing in 2018. We must plan extra time & support for this challenge of helping farmers transition to becoming food processors.

  • After 18+ months in process (and processing organically the entire time), we still had not received our final organic certification. We anticipate completing it in April 2019 (It came May 1).

  • Packaging and shipping logistics. After many false starts (and likely further modifications in 2019), we’re hopeful to streamline this process for 2019 and beyond.


  • The greatest example of generosity in 2018 was not what we gave, but what we received - a beautiful gift of necklace and earrings from the Coagricsal women’s group as a group thank you to Kim.

  • Increased income to our cacao grower community by 80% per kilogram vs. local (Fair Trade International / Organic Certified) comparatives by conducting additional cocoa processing steps locally.

  • Invested 10 days on the ground with Coagricsal enhancing food safety and coaching on how to create their own Snacking Cacao recipes for sale locally.

  • Donated a significant portion of our REVENUE (>10%) to charitable organizations investing in higher education, economic empowerment and medical care at origin.


We introduced two new Cacao Snack Mixes in 2018:

  • LOVE BLEND – with Indonesian Cacao Beans lightly Caramelized with Cinnamon & Spices, Organic Dried Oregon Blueberries and Montana Cherries, and Dry Roasted Organic California Almonds

  • STRENGTH BLEND – with Indonesian Cacao Beans lightly Caramelized with Chili & Orange, Dried Oregon Cranberries infused with Apple Juice, and Raw California Red Walnuts

After training together, our partner women’s group at Coagricsal developed FIVE of their own commercially viable recipes using locally available ingredients!


  • Eliminated 102,259 sugar grams vs. USA's bestselling dark chocolate

  • Preserved 65,870 fiber grams vs. USA's bestselling dark chocolate


While still small and anecdotal, we want to continually reflect a heart of service. 

  • We have received an average rating of 4.9 Stars for service on Amazon.

  • We continue to include personalized, hand written notes in every package we ship.


To put people first in cocoa production 

  • Restore esteem to farming as a vocation

  • Restore cocoa’s reputation as an indulgent health food

  • Restore generosity in the way we do business


Motivated by love for God and people