Our Social Purpose Metrics are reported on an annual basis for the prior calendar year.

In 2016, Cocoa Future, SPC (Social Purpose Corporation) continued online sales, expanded its Good King Snacking Cacao test market to nine retail stores across Seattle and we developed our supply chain with a new origin: La Entrada de Copán, Honduras.

Our efforts continued to require significant financial and personal investment for seemingly limited (but definitely growing) impact to date. As we continue in obedience to God, we trust He will bless and multiply our efforts as only He is able to do! 

  • Thoughtful Snacking to restore life – from grower communities to you.



  • Partnered with 3 villages within 2 farmer groups: CV.Marewa45 in South Sulawesi, Indonesia and Coagricsal in La Entrada de Copán, Honduras.
  • Worked with a total of 57 farming community families. 


  • Increased income to our farming community by 51% per kilogram vs. local (Rainforest Alliance Certified or Fair Trade International) comparatives by conducting additional cocoa processing steps in the community. 
  • Invested several weeks training & equipping each farming community and provided additional start-up capital for processing tools, equipment & inputs.
  • Donated a significant portion of our revenue to charitable organizations in Seattle and around the globe investing in education and economic empowerment. 


We stretched people's idea of cocoa and chocolate by introducing savory cocoa pairings such as:

  • Cocoa Beans + Cheese - the savory version of milk chocolate. And And we paired our cocoa with charcuterie as well!
  • Cocoa Beans + Artisan Salads 


  • Eliminated 40,186 sugar grams vs. USA's bestselling dark chocolate
  • Preserved 27,428 fiber grams vs. USA's bestselling dark chocolate  


While still small and anecdotal, we want to continually reflect a heart of service. 

  • We have received only 5 Star ratings for service and an average of 4.67 stars for product on Amazon. 
  • We have received anecdotal Thank You's from our retail and wholesale customers as well as our farming communities.


To put people first in cocoa production 

  • Restore esteem to farming as a vocation
  • Restore cocoa’s reputation as an indulgent health food
  • Restore generosity in the way we do business


Motivated by love for God and people