A behind-the-scenes look at what we do every day - including lessons learned, milestones and challenges that keep us up at night.

May 2019

Milestones -

  • USDA Organic - we’re CERTIFIED! - FINALLY! Currently, only for our HARMONY flavor (JOY should be coming soon - it qualifies, but since USDA and FDA don’t talk, we were left with LOTS of explaining to do on the availability of organic, food grade essential oils in appropriate quantities for small business…). Watch our labels in coming months!

  • One-Way ticket from Honduras to Seattle, please. After 16 months of searching, I think we finally found a way to get our Honduras cocoa beans to Seattle by ocean. Hooray! So, so thankful - for the environment and our profitability...

  • AirBnB for Cocoa Beans? Ha ha - our Commissary Kitchen doesn’t have sufficient space to store pallets of cocoa beans, so this also cues our scrappy search for a nearby, clean, odor-free storage facility with cement flooring, washable walls, wide doors, a truck dock and pallet jack. We think we found one!

  • Digital Marketer Coming Soon - we plan to start work in the second week of June! I will officially introduce her next month. Hopefully you’ll see evidence sooner. She is only available during summer, so our search will continue.

Current Focus -

  • Machine Prototyping - our engineer friend has done 15 more experiments. We’re learning A LOT and getting a little closer. Really hope to get this done in June!

  • Digital Marketing - I will have A LOT to learn along with our new hire!

  • Reinventing the Global Cocoa Supply Chain - no problem, right? See our latest blog for what has been occupying my mind nearly every moment of every day.

April 2019

Lessons Learned -

  • Don’t pick up a 40kg box of cacao by yourself. ;-) This landed Kim flat on her back for 3 days, in chiropractic for 1 month and now at on-going PT (nearly 3 months later). Going forward, likely we’ll be looking for smaller boxes (vs. picture) to use after this shipment!

Milestones -

  • Successfully switched accounting software (from Quickbooks to Xero) - doesn’t seem too exciting, but those who have attempted this know it’s HUGE!

  • Published our 2018 Impact Report HERE.

Current Focus -

  • After 2+ years, we’re STILL waiting for organic certification. Once this is received, we’ll be able to…

  • Secure an ocean route from Honduras to Seattle for the cacao. We’d been struggling to find one, but this is a blessing in disguise because we JUST found out it’s better to wait to ship until after our organic certification is final. For now, we’re still air freighting via FedEx. Sigh.

  • We’re getting closer to a working prototype of a simple hand-powered “machine” to assist our partners with shelling their cacao.

  • We’re HIRING! We’ve just completed a job description for a digital marketer. Sadly, thought Kim has been called a marketing guru, digital didn’t exist when she last marketed a portfolio of $100M+ brands… So we’re learning all over again!