Key To Teas



Enjoy exploring the elegant flavors of these premium loose leaf teas from local, sustainably sourced, woman-owned, and empowering Key To Teas. Each was chosen to pair perfectly with our snacking cacao.

  • Double Chocolate Mint (0.5oz. | 2oz.) - This tea is a best-seller for good reason. Indulgent chocolate and cacao pieces steeped in a caffeine-free tea. Dessert in a cup. Pair with Joy.
  • Tung Ting Oolong (1 oz. | 2 oz.) - Stunning, high mountain, Taiwanese oolong with a well-rounded, mildly floral complexity. Medium Caffeine. 
  • Honeybusch Honeybee (1oz. | 4oz.) - This pure South African honeybusch tea is naturally caffeine- and sugar-free and lives up to its name with full-flavored honey notes. Pair with Harmony 65% or Delight
  • Spiced Apple Kiss (2oz.) - An indulgent, caffeine-free blend of fruit and spices. Popular with all ages, it tastes like spiced apples in a cup.  Pair with Strength.
  • Rooibos Chai (1oz. | 4oz.) - Naturally caffeine-free, sugar-free, and so smooth it can be enjoyed with or without cream. Pair with Love

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