Is Dark Chocolate Healthy? Healthy Snacks Comparison

It’s true - dark chocolate is a special treat to our taste buds. Chosen well, it’s also a healthy indulgence! Many craft chocolates (and snacking cacao) boast protein, fiber and antioxidant properties comparable to other nutrient dense, healthy snack foods. A few highlights before we get into comparisons:



Pro Tip


Boasting 9-11g all-natural fiber per serving (great for prebiotics + gut health), Snacking Cacao and pure Dark Chocolate beat nearly any fruit, vegetable, whole grain or even high fiber cereal!
If your dark chocolate bar has little fiber, that’s a sign that it doesn’t contain much cocoa. Move on.


Though chocolate has added sugar, it’s easy to find bars that have far less sugar than fresh fruit or popular “no sugar added” snacks.
To reduce sugar, look for high % Cacao Content because Cacao is naturally sugar free.

Protein & Fat

It’s easy to forget cacao is a seed. Like other nuts & seeds, it’s full of protein & healthy plant-based fats.
Like most nuts & seeds, chocolate can also be high in calories. Enjoy in moderation by sticking to the recommended serving sizes.

More Protein than Fancy Mixed Nuts

Harmony 80% Snacking Cacao vs. 1/4 cup Fancy Mixed Nuts
Surprise! Crunchy Harmony 80% Snacking Cacao has more protein (3g | 2g) and far fewer calories (120 | 180) and fat (9g | 15g) than fancy mixed nuts. And, it’s allergen-friendly. Exception: Mixed nuts have lower sugar (5g | 2g).

Better On-the-Go Energy than Snack Bars

Harmony 65% Snacking Cacao vs. 2/3 of a Chocolate Coconut Lara Bar
Not only does our resealable bag makes portability easy, but also you get comparable protein, less sugar (yes, even with our Harmony 65% - 9g | 11g) and 3 times more fiber (9g | 3g) to keep you full longer. Bonus - a little caffeine + theobromine keeps your mind alert. Plus, you get to finish the bag for only 120 calories!

Less Sugar and Less Prep than Fresh Fruit

Strength Snacking Cacao vs. 3 Clementines
Love Snacking Cacao vs. Large Apple (~3.25” dia)

If you’re like me, you love to finish lunch with something sweet. Fruit is a great choice, but snacking cacao is even better! For the same calories, our Strength and Love Snacking Cacao boasts twice the fiber, only one-fourth the sugar of either cuties (clementines) or a large apple (this one is a 3.25” diameter Cameo) and antioxidants too! Exception: fruit is fat free vs. 9g plant-based fat for Snacking Cacao.

As low in sugar as Baby Carrots with Hummus

Hummus with ten baby carrots vs. Harmony 80% Snacking Cacao
Maybe you’re not surprised that dark chocolate has less sugar than fruit, but how does it compare to veggies? A bag of our Harmony 80% snacking cacao has the same sugar (5g) as ten baby carrots! If you prefer your carrots with a single serve hummus, snacking cacao still has nearly double the fiber (11g | 6g) and far fewer calories (120 | 190) than this popular combo. Exception: Hummus wins on protein (3g | 5g).

More Fiber + Antioxidants than Organic Popcorn

2 Cups Popped Popcorn vs. Harmony 80% Snacking Cacao
Harmony 80% Snacking Cacao and Organic Popcorn are nearly identical in satisfying crunch, flavor reward, protein and calories. While Snacking Cacao pulls way ahead on fiber (9g | 3g) and heart-healthy antioxidants, popcorn has less fat (9g | 6g).

Which, if any, of these comparisons surprise you? Please let us know in the comments.

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