Since our launch, we have focused in two distinct areas:

1. Improving livelihoods in cocoa farming communities,
2. Improving health through nutrient-dense snacks.


In 2021, we actively worked with one partner cooperative, COAGRICSAL in Honduras.


New Cacao Purchases - Zero Impact

We did not purchase cacao in 2021.  We continue to use [semi-finished] peeled cacao beans imported in November 2020.


Profit Sharing

Good King shared just over 10% of its 2021 Gross Profit with 13 women co-workers in Honduras.

Most importantly, our women food worker partners jointly decided on these investments; reflecting their own choices for improving their family’s quality of life. Several chose microwaves, while others chose a bed, wardrobe or home improvement materials.


Flood Relief (Honduras)

In 2020, our Honduras partners experienced back-to-back Hurricanes Eta (Nov. 5) and Iota (Nov. 18) resulting in the worst catastrophic flooding in decades.

125 families in COAGRICSAL's farmer network were directly impacted.  Thanks to your generosity (and additional funds from COAGRICSAL), each of the families received a grocery box valued at a little over $30 US packed with the staple food items they use most. Beans, corn, rice, pasta, butter, salt, condiments, sugar, milk, and cocoa powder (of course!) packed their repurposed XOL Chocolate-branded boxes to the brim.  


We remain committed to short / clean ingredients lists, all-natural, non-GMO and organic (if growers are certified), allergy-friendly, and plant-based products.


Nutrient Density

We launched three new flavors in late 2021:

Delight 70% | Salted Caramel
Arise 65% | Mocha Crunch
Abound 60% | Toasted Coconut

Despite being sweeter than our 80% line, the new flavors are actually lower in sugar and higher in fiber than our previously discontinued fruit and nut trail mixes. Therefore, our health metrics remained nearly constant while sales increased.



Finally! Compostable Packaging

In late 2021, we began transitioning our packaging from single use plastic to home & industrial compostable (ASTM D6400 compliant) bags and labels.

800 single use plastic pouches of varying sizes were replaced with compostable bags in 2021 with many more to come in our future!

Note: compostable bags result in reduced shelf life for maintaining a crunchy product (by about 6 months). Therefore, we will monitor and weigh this packaging decision with the potential trade-offs in increased food waste and producer livelihoods when finished products are shipping directly from origin.  


Our end goal has always been to import [finished] snacking cacao and other products directly from farming communities.  Transitioning production to origin communities is MUCH harder than anticipated and may not be in line with our partners’ immediate priorities.

Changes Going Forward

To best accomplish our own social purposes and invest where it's most needed, we will discontinue Seattle-based production and anticipate selling out of most products by Q4 2022.

We are actively seeking export-ready, origin-based partners to produce Good King Snacking Cacao.

We plan to continue supporting our existing partners as well as additional cacao farming communities in value-added activities through our new nonprofit, Cocoa Future Collaborative.