Love and Blue Cheese

Organic, Gourmet Cacao Beans - Lightly Caramelized, Cinnamon-SpicedThe mild creaminess of blue cheese is a beautiful contrast to the crunchiness and warm spices of the LOVE snacking cacao bean.

Tasting Note: I first tried dark chocolate with blue cheese in a truffle made by Tifa Chocolate & Gelato in Southern California around 2009. I was skeptical until I finished my first bite. The mild sweetness, spices and dark chocolatey crunch of Love are the perfect counterpart to the nearly spreadable double cream of St. Agur’s mildly salty blue cheese.

Make it an Occasion: Top a small, whole grain toast with cheese, cacao and drizzle with a little honey. Pair with fresh or dried figs (depending on the season) and enjoy a splash of Sauterne to turn this into an elegant finale to an evening.

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