Camembert with Harmony

Organic Snacking Cacao Beans - Lightly Caramelized, Sweet & SaltyGently warmed Camembert, or Camembert left out of the fridge to reach room temperature, becomes comfort food with lightly sweet and salty Harmony.

Tasting Note: Harmony tastes extra chocolate-y with mild, creamy Camembert. Its lightly sweet-salty attributes are wonderful compliments to this cheese. 

Make it an Occasion: Add crusty, soft bread to deliver a classic and promising combination of bread, chocolate, and cheese.

Equally Great Pairing: Love with Camembert. Love’s comforting cardamom and cinnamon compliment the velvety feel and milky taste of Camembert, while the hint of sugar helps highlight its more delicate flavors, such as fresh hay and mushrooms.

What not to Pair: Careful not to eat it with too much rind lest it over-accentuates the penicillium.

Food for Thought: It is usually best to consume both cheese and chocolate at room temperature or warm because all of their lovely volatile compounds (those compounds responsible for aromas and flavors) are “let loose.” Good King Cacao Beans are unique in that their flavors and aromas are not dependent upon temperature (because their molecular structure does not change with temperature), so they can be enjoyed in the frigid mountains or at the sunny seaside, for any time of year and any holiday.

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