Apple Slices Topped with Love


Enjoy the flavors of baked apples without all of the work. Love’s cinnamon spices are made for farm-fresh apples.


Tasting Notes: If you enjoy crunch, this is your snack. We’re paired a crunchy, juicy Pacific Northwest farm-fresh cameo apple with irresistibly crunchy, dark-chocolatey snacking cacao.  Love’s warm spices - cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and cardamom pair beautifully with most apple varieties; especially the pink varieties that blend the taste of sweet and tart. 

Food for Thought: We love this pairing for those of us in North America. While cacao might not grow plentifully nearby, apples do - especially in the Pacific Northwest. So, this is an incredibly delicious way to support local farming communities. 

Nutrition: With 16g of fiber and the gentle pick-me-up from theobromine in cacao, this is the perfect, portable snack to provide quick, satiating energy to keep you focused throughout your day. 

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