Nolvia Mejía, COAGRICSAL, Honduras


Nolvia and her familyI first met Nolvia in 2017 when staying in her family’s home. By way of background - she lives multi-generationally with her partner Hector, his parents, her sister-in-law Julissa (mentioned below), and Hector’s & Julissa’s siblings and their families over the years. Their family has become my Honduras family; they are so precious to me.

With that background, naturally, it was so exciting for me to hear that Nolvia began working with Coagricsal! Nolvia has been a wonderful friend and support since meeting her. She is kind, considerate, and loyal.  She is relaxed and consistent. Whatever I need – she is there for me and I can count on her. She is a great and loving mother. And as you will read below, she is always anxious to learn new things! 
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Nolvia, Hector & Children

My Motivation – My Family

My name is Nolvia Mejía, I live in Honduras in a community called La Colonia Macuelizo, Santa Barbara. My family is made up of my husband and my two children. My family is my motivation.

My Pride – Specializing in Cacao Products

I have accomplished several achievements up to today, but my main achievement of which I feel proud is having specialized in cocoa products such as: chocolate bars, chocolate powder and caramelized cacao.

Delighted to be a Chocolate Maker

Sean Hawkey - Chocolate Makers at Coagricsal

My first work experience with cacao was at Coagricsal. I managed to get a position in the chocolate area through my sister-in-law. I’m thankful to Coagricsal which opened its doors to me and gave me all the training required to work with cacao. I am delighted at having developed myself in chocolate-making.

Thanks to Coagricsal I met Kim. She taught us how to make caramelized cacao. It was a pleasant experience working with her.


I come from a low-income family, with few opportunities for professional preparation. I grew up with my parents and my brother.

Work at an Early Age

My father worked in the fields and my mother made bread from wheat flour and corn flour. My first job was at an early age; selling the bread that my mother made.

Nolvia - Dream Big

Dream of Something Bigger

At the age of 12, my mother passed away. From then on my brother and I were left vulnerable. I began to work as a domestic worker. I never thought I would get to work in other activities that are not a domestic worker. Therefore, working with chocolate makes me think that nothing is impossible; that if you can dream of something bigger, you can achieve it.

I Want to Continue Improving Myself

My partner and his family have been the people who motivated me to keep going, to keep learning. Now my children are my greatest motivation, for whom I want to continue improving myself to give them a better lifestyle.


Women Working at Coagricsal

Women Benefit Most

Women have a very important role in the field of cacao. I think that it is the gender that has the most benefits in the field. At Coagricsal, most of the chocolate employees are female.

What Would You Improve?

Give staff more opportunities to continue learning in the cacao industry. Give recognition for their efforts.

In 30 Years…

I see it as a factory operating at 100%. With the appropriate facilities to develop the different processes. With motivated women doing the work.

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