Mocha Crunch



Tasting Note: An indulgent caramelized coating reminiscent of coffee candy tops our ultra-smooth, irresistibly crunchy cacao beans. A more chocolatey, better-for-you version of chocolate-covered espresso beans - perfect for an afternoon boost.  

Product: All-natural, single origin coffee and coconut milk-infused caramelized coating on our Honduras cacao beans. 65% cacao content.

Cacao Origin: Coagricsal Co-op, Honduras
Cacao Certifications: USDA Organic, Fair Trade Int'l
Cacao Transparency: Direct Trade, Single Origin, 100% traceable, Empowering Women

Coffee Origin: Cafe Feminino, Peru
Coffee Certifications: 
USDA Organic, Fair for Life
Coffee Transparency: 
Single Origin, Processed & Traded Exclusively by Women

Packaging: 60g Bag and Label are 100% compostable (home & industrial compostable; ASTM D6400 compliant). Please see our FAQs for how to reuse or recycle our desiccant packs. 

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