Avocado Toast with Harmony


In Indonesia, Avocado is a super popular chocolate pairing – especially in drinks. We love starting our morning with this indulgent, brain-boosting combo.  


Tasting Note: The mild creaminess of avocado with the crunchy, dark-chocolatey, lightly sweet cacao beans is an incredible “opposites attract” pairing. Serve it on a whole grain, seedy toast for even more texture and crunch. 

Make it an Occasion: If you’re like me, no morning is complete without coffee. We don’t often think about pairing drinks with breakfast – but adding coffee to this mix feels even more indulgent.  


Food for Thought: I'm pretty sure God is a foodie. In his infinite wisdom, he caused foods that taste great together to grow together. It’s no wonder avocado, cacao and coffee are such a great flavor combination! They ALL grow abundantly in tropical farming communities – including in our partner communities in Indonesia and Honduras.

Background Story: This combo was the idea of my friend Evita’s son, Huck (then 12) while I was staying with their family. He’s a chocolate lover with a great palate. In Indonesia (where his mom is from), avocado is a really popular chocolate pairing. We both loved it!!


This is based on the recipe above. Feel free to swap your favorite bread, or “carrier” (if you eat rice for breakfast, that also works). Regardless of what you choose, this breakfast is well-balanced not only for flavor, but also for nutrition with plant-based fats, fiber and even protein.

Nutrition Facts for Avocado Toast with Snacking Cacao Beans

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