Guinness with Harmony

Move over pretzels and peanuts, this iconic Guinness Stout deserves an equally bold and flavorful crunchy snack.

Tasting Notes: Some pairings work because opposites attract. This one is brilliants because the mildly sweet, dark-chocolatey flavors blend perfectly.

Food for Thought: Guinness happens to be one of my favorite beers. A dear friend tells the story that Arthur Guinness invented it to combat alcoholism in Ireland - he knew that people wouldn’t stop drinking. So, he created a healthy beer that would get people full before they got drunk. I love that story!

The same is true with our snacking cacao. We know so few want to give up sugar completely. So we created a healthy snack that will satisfy chocolate cravings before we’re tempted to binge. And, like Guinness, the high fiber fills you up!

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