Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cup Toast

Caramelized Cacao beans and creamy almond butter taste like a dark chocolate, almond butter cup for breakfast!


Tasting Note: If you’re a fan of dark chocolate almond butter cups, this will feel like an absolute cheat getting to eat dessert for breakfast. Except, rest assured, this one is guilt free.  


Food for Thought: 

Almonds and cacao beans are packed with both plant-based fats and fiber, so they’re the perfect toast toppings to keep you full longer without loading you up with sugar or other artificial ingredients. Plus, the theobromine and caffeine in snacking cacao gives you an extra boost without the sugar crash in the morning.  

For the hard core (or for a great afternoon snack), skip the toast and just eat almond butter topped with snacking cacao straight from a spoon! We won’t tell anyone. 

Nutrition Facts:

This breakfast is surprisingly indulgent for the amount of fiber and protein it packs - 11g of each! Enjoy! 

Cacao for Breakfast - Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cup Toast Nutrition Facts

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