Pecorino Romano with Harmony

Organic Snacking Cacao Beans - Lightly Caramelized, Sweet & Salty
Rich cocoa flavors soften this salty and tangy cheese. You might find your mouth watering when you crunch into this powerful umami combo.

Tasting Note: This mature sheep’s cheese is reigned in by Harmony’s straightforward chocolate-y depth. Due to the sharpness of the cheese, we recommend one small, thin sliver of cheese for one bean. 

Make it an Occasion: This is a great pairing to have beer with -- one with notes of dark fruit, malt, cocoa, or caramel. A hard cider would also be delicious!

Food for Thought: “Pecorino” simply implies that this is a cheese made from sheep’s milk. “Romano” identifies its ancient and modern production exclusively with the Italian region of Lazio (where Rome is), the island of Sardinia, and province of Grosseto in Tuscany. How much we depend on Italy for our favorite cheeses!

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