Strength Trail Mix

This bold, flavorful mix of perfectly-paired flavors and textures is an easily-assembled "fancy snack" for your most ambitious outings - to fully satisfy both your taste buds and body. 

Tasting Notes: the dark-chocolatey notes in our Strength snacking cacao are beautifully balanced by rich, buttery red walnuts and sweet, tangy apple-juice infused dried cranberries. 

Make it an Occasion: Whether backpacking-in camping, trail running or simply drinking in a gorgeous view from a vista, this mix is best enjoyed outside. As an appetizer before the main meal, or as a dessert paired with sauterne. 

Food for Thought: Direct trade and local processing is not only important for better farming and livelihoods abroad, but also here in the US! We briefly offered trail mix and searched the entire country for family farms doing their own farm-to-snack processing. We could sing the praises of Bertagna Nut Company's people and Red Walnuts for days. You have not truly tasted walnuts until you've tasted theirs. Once you taste the difference, there's no going back. 

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