Improves Vascular Function

From Randomized study of the effects of cocoa-rich chocolate on the ventricle–arterial coupling and vascular function of young, healthy adults
Nutrition, July-August 2019. By Scientists and Researchers in Portugal and Sweden: Telmo Pereira, Jacqueline Bergqvist, Carla Vieira, Bente Grüner Sveälv, Joaquim Castanheira, Jorge Conde.
  • Dark chocolate with high cocoa content provides cardiovascular benefits in young, healthy adults.

  • Arterial function is positively modulated by regular ingestion of cocoa.

  • Cocoa optimizes ventricle–arterial coupling in young, healthy adults.

  • This study demonstrated that regular consumption of HCC (higher cocoa chocolate, 20g of ~90% cocoa content) has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system in young, healthy adults, improving vascular function by reducing central brachial artery pressures and promoting vascular relaxation, and thus enhancing the matching of the arterial system with the left ventricle.

"A randomized study was conducted with 30 healthy participants ages 18 to 27 y. Half of the participants ingested a 20-g dose of lower cocoa chocolate (LCC; ∼55%; 12.6 ± 1.4 mg equivalent of epicatechin/g) and the others ingested a daily dose of 20 g of higher cocoa chocolate (HCC; ∼90%; 18.2 ± 2.6 mg equivalent of epicatechin/g)."

Equivalent Serving Size: about 3/4 of one 30g serving of our 80% Cacao Content Snacking Cacao or one full serving of our 60-70% flavors. From estimates based on this article published by Yale researchers, 23g of 100% cocoa beans (the same as cocoa liquor). 

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