Aged Cheddar with Love

Organic, Gourmet Cacao Beans - Lightly Caramelized, Cinnamon-Spiced
Aged White Cheddar at peak maturity (20-24 months) takes on the nice caramel spice seasoning like its soulmate. Go for a buffalo milk white cheddar for an extra soft and creamy pairing.

Tasting Note: The cheese softens the bold flavors of cacao beans while drawing upon their best traits -- caramel, sweet cinnamon, nutmeg, and dark chocolate.

Make it an Occasion: By pairing this perfect bite-sized snack with Port.

Food for Thought: Are white and orange cheddar the same? Orange cheddar is white cheddar with annatto coloring added. This is a natural coloring (derived from the achiote tree) which does not significantly impact the flavor or nutrition of cheddar. Adding annatto is an old practice that some cheese makers did to maintain a consistent color of cheddar. This is because the color of cow's milk (and thus its cheese) can change throughout the year depending on the cow's seasonal diet.

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