Feta with Joy

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These two are good friends, a dynamic pairing on their own for both flavor and texture are also an easy and welcoming pair with which to get creative in recipes.

Tasting Note: The moisture of feta helps fill your mouth with lightly sweet and herbal aromas. The pair tastes like the Mediterranean -- salty sea, refreshing breeze, sweet herbs and milk... plus a mouthwatering tang!

Make it an Occasion: Try it with fruity or citrusy olive oil, red pepper or tomato jam, pine nuts, or your favorite Pinot Noir.

What Not to Pair: We do not recommend pairing Good King’s Strength with Feta as they are too acidic together.

Food for Thought: The name “feta” means “slice” in Greek. Feta cheese is quite literally a slice of their traditional fresh sheep’s milk cheese stored in a brine. The Greek government fought hard between 1994 and 2002 to make sure that for a cheese to be called “Feta”, it must be made in Greece in the traditional way. We love this commitment to traditional cheese-making and knowing that when we see the name Feta it was made in its origin! We look forward to the day that cacao and chocolate products made near their own origin receive such an exclusive designation.

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