Emmental with Love

Organic, Gourmet Cacao Beans - Lightly Caramelized, Cinnamon-Spiced
If you love that distinct Swiss cheese flavor, Love places all of Emmental’s best nutty, full-flavored traits on a pedestal.

Tasting Note: Delicate nutmeg and cardamom shine through the cacao, meanwhile the cheese somehow makes it taste more caramelized. This pair fills your mouth with autumn flavors and highlights that classic Swiss cheese taste which can be fragrant and floral.

Make it an Occasion: This is a flexible pair with many complimentary additions. Serve in small chunks or as a fondue, along with nearly any dried fruit, candied or toasted nuts, or warm cranberry sauce. Try a drizzle of maple syrup or sweet coffee reduction. Finally, a light, fruity wine or mulled cider does magic. 

Equally Great Pairing: Emmental’s fruitiness highlights subtle fruit flavors of Harmony, while cocoa butter soothes the cheese’s acidity. They share a pleasantly sweet and earthiness resembling fresh-cut hay and flowers.

What not to Pair: We do not recommend pairing Strength with Emmental as they become too sour (without added sugar). 

Food for Thought: If you are vegan and missing cheese fondue, give this recipe a try. Enjoy it with hunks of baguette and Good King’s Harmony and Love cacao beans.

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