Manchego with Strength

A perfect pair with a few pretty shavings of Manchego per bean.

Tasting Note: This complex cheese takes on a complex cacao bean well. Discover notes of tropical fruits, nuts and seeds, citrus, or burnt caramel.

Make it an Occasion: This complex pair is complimented by some unique additions, such as quince paste, agave, candied or toasted almonds, dried apple or pineapple (make sure it’s simply dried and not sugared), coconut, apple chutney, or candied orange ribbons. Enjoy your pairing with crusty bread and young white Rioja, sherry, or a bubbly Cava.

Food for Thought: Why are Manchego and Strength such a nice pair? Manchego is known for its fantastic sweet-savory balance. Its fruitiness, zestiness, nuttiness, and occasional spiciness are not dissimilar to what you might love about Strength! There are undeniable undertones of herbs in Manchego, perhaps because the sheep graze upon herbs on the dry plains of La Mancha, Spain, where the cheese is made.

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